Invitación del Maestro Domingo Días Porta a toda la hermandad – Audio

By on octubre 2, 2019

Por favor hacer click en el siguiente audio para escuchar al Maestro:



A continuación la traducción al idioma inglés:

To our dear brotherhood, disciples in our Sacred Order. We would like to invite one or two couples who would like to come to Venezuela, to this city of Merida in the Andes, to study practices and disciplines, and of cultural and social service. This would be for a period of 3 months that may be extended according to the situation. During this period of stay in this Country, the Master would give some instructions, but he is also in a retreat for 6 months until the month of May; therefore, he doesn’t have public activities, nor much contact, because he is preparing the regulations for the Aerosomic scale, starting next year. Those interested can write to us, and then we will explain the details and conditions. An embrace to all. May the Heart of Heaven guide you and light your path. Pash!


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